Edel Weiss

Edel Weiss

Bring nature to nurture and whiten your skin. Edelweiss, the white floral that thrives and blooms in every climate of the Alps mountain range, where the flower originates, is highly effective in fighting against free radicals and promoting glowing skin in everyday life.

Edelweiss Series resolve dullness and darkened skin perfectly as it helps prevent all the 5 steps of dullness formation.
• Protect your skin against direct UV rays exposure with UV protective agents.
• Prevent your skin from harmful effects caused by UV rays with ALPAFLOR® Edelweiss EP, a patent antioxidant, from DSM Switzerland.
• Higher level of defense against darkening of skin from Alpinia White in combination with Achromaxyl to discourage melanogenesis triggered by the Tyrosinase enzyme.
• Slow down transfer of melanin to the upper epidermis or outer layer of the skin with Vitamin B3.
• Reveal new, glowing skin with BHA that gently removes dead cells causing dark and dull skin.

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Edel Weiss Whitening Facial Foam New

Edel Weiss Whitening Facial Foam

Giffarine Edel Weiss Whitening Facial FoamEdelweiss Facial Foam completely washes away excess sebum,..

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